Cryptocurrency investment startup

A startup looking for help in bringing their idea and vision for the company to life. They wanted a name, logo and website - they got a brand with a powerful message to go to market with.

With many years of cyber security industry experience under their belt, clearly speaking to potential clients about how their approach to cryptocurrency investment differs, was key.

My approach was to first ensure I fully understood the business and, more importantly, the mindset of potential investors. We worked together to discover and develop a company personality, and the characteristics that would go on to shape the brand.

Beyond the visual aspect, I was able to help them with content strategy across the website and other marketing materials - including a case study document, I identified the need for. My goal was to ensure potential clients were made aware of the benefits of working with them, using content that invoked trust and authority. This was done with creative headlines, a unique contemporary design, engaging imagery, and a professionally designed and built website.

Their launch has exceeded expectations, with great interest from investors on launch. I'm continuing to work with them as their business expands.